Happy Clients

"Working with Julie was like breathing new life into my living space. What I thought would take several sessions to get organized she did in the first one. Best of all, the systems she set up for me feel easy enough to maintain that I just may actually be able to do them on my own. (This would be a first for me.) One thing I really appreciated about working with Julie was her ability to gently and patiently keep me from being overwhelmed throughout the process of cleaning my living area. I tend to get overwhelmed by it all and want to quit-- this happened about every 5 minutes-- and she skillfully helped keep me from despair. The results were outstanding. Pick your most out-of-control area and then call Julie. It's worth it. She will transform it into something beautiful and your sanity will return."

"Julie is sort of spectacular. Organizing is her gift, and she has quite an eye for design. Not only is Julie a true professional, but she is incredibly kind and does not judge one bit. I have to admit, allowing someone into my home to see the chaos is nerve wracking! I'm so glad Julie listened to my hopes, could sort through my clutter, and bring me out of the other side, wonderfully and beautifully organized. I would recommend her to anyone!"

"I had the pleasure of working with Julie yesterday. She came to my house promptly and was very organized and willing to help. She didn't judge me based on my current decor or state of my house, so there was an immediate comfort level with her. We got to work on my office and Julie made sure I stayed on track, while offering suggestions, tips and ideas for better use of my space. She was very positive and upbeat and worked with me when it became a bit overwhelming. Our time together was successful and Julie knows her stuff! Two huge thumbs up! Can't say enough good things about her!"

"My experience with Julie was beyond wonderful. Having just moved into our home 4 months ago, I wanted to start off organized, in hopes of staying organized. I am so glad I decided to hire some help, as the task to organize my kitchen seemed daunting and overwhelming. I am even more glad that I found Julie. Not only was she punctual and finished on time, she assessed my kitchen in under 15 minutes, purchased what was needed to organize each section with a calm and cool demeanor making the task look painless. Best of all, Julie was such a pleasure to work with and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you again Julie!"

"I was fortunate enough to have Julie of Simply Beautiful do some organizing and decorating in my home. Although I function much better in a neat and organized environment, I had no idea where to begin to get rid of the clutter which had accumulated over the years. Julie stepped right in and made this process quick and painless. She truly has a knack for deciding which things are "keepers" and then organizing around those things. As an unexpected bonus, Julie used lovely organizing tools like pretty baskets and boxes which are a joy to look at and, most importantly, easy to maintain. Now that everything has a home, there is no more stress of where to put things and order is easily maintained. Julie truly made the process of "decluttering" my home quick and painless. Once Julie tackled and solved my organizational issues, she then set out to do some decorating and bring my home's style up to date. She was able to sit with me and discuss my vision for my home's style discussing both my needs and wants and then create a beautiful, updated space while still staying within a very reasonable budget. I am constantly getting compliments on my home d├ęcor and am quick to give the credit to Julie. She was so fun to work with and has truly created a space that is both functional and beautiful."

"Simply Beautiful is all and so much more than I was expecting! Julie is very professional, listens to your needs and provides help tailored to you. I was pleasantly surprised to see how she worked with my tiny budget and kept in mind the style I like. Love this business! 100% recommend."

"I am SO excited!!! I had my closet organized today by Julie of Simply Beautiful! The pictures do not capture what a HOT MESS my closet was before! I had piles of shoes all over the floor and sweaters piled in a mess on the top shelf. Every night deciding what to wear was always a chore! I couldn't find my shoes! Can you see how FABULOUS my closet looks now? Check out the shelves!!!! I can now see everything! I am beyond thrilled! Thanks so much, Julie!! If you are in the LA area, I highly recommend her, she is super sweet and very efficient!!"

"My home office was so disorganized and messy. I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start. Julie came over and was so cool and calm. She went to work and immediately helped me put things in order. I can see my desk again!  Usually I hate working with people to organize, but, Julie was so pleasant and positive that the time flew by.  I recommend her work without hesitation." 

"Julie was great! Very personable and she listened to what I wanted/needed. I would highly recommend her and her business! Julie, thank you so much for your heart and soul, not to mention hard work!!"

"Julie was super sweet and extremely knowledgable! She transformed my tiny closet into a really pretty and organized one! It's amazing! I have and will continue to refer her to friends! She's the best! :)"

"Julie was amazing to work with. We recently redecorated my living room and I look forward to working with her in the future for a number of reasons; I was immediately confident that she understood the look I was aiming for (and was right!), she was very quick (which is a great trait when you are as excited as I was to see the end result) and to top it off, she was a pleasure to work with.
You won't be disappointed!"

"Julie was awesome! She had great ideas and helped us get organized. Highly recommend her services."

"I had an awesome 2-hr consultation with Julie - It was well worth the money and time. Julie suggested so MANY ways I could be more organized, changing my computer location to alleviate problem of a cluttering dining room table, ways to transform my dark gloomy looking den into a bright and cheerful room, as well as a new color for my kitchen cabinet to bring out the 'light'! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a better looking interior and/or wanting to find ways to become more organized. I have learned so much from Julie! Thanks a bunch, Julie!!!"

"I had the pleasure of working with Julie Minton of Simply Beautiful. My husband and I moved into our house when I was 8 months pregnant, and although our baby is now 7 months old, we just never took the time to fully move in. Julie came into our house and helped us make it our home. She was such a pleasure to work with, and really made the experience fun (never thought I would say that about cleaning and organizing!). In our bedroom, we had unpacked boxes and piles of clothes that didn't fit, shoes, scarves, and belts spilling out of the closet, and a layer of dust covering all the clutter on our dressers.  In just a few hours, Julie had completely redone our closet, with only adding a couple of shoe racks and a basket for hats. It is now pleasing to look at rather than being a stressful to do list! She worked with what we had and created a nice reading nook in a corner of our bedroom that was previously full of boxes. Downstairs was covered in a mess of mail, baby items, and unfinished projects.  Julie helped us to come up with better storage options to keep our things off the floor, a more aesthetic design for our bookshelves, and an awesome way to organize mail as it comes in. We were able to add a few decorative pieces because Julie used what we had for storage, my budget allowed for more fun items. Not only was I left with a beautiful home, Julie was a joy to work with throughout. She was encouraging, supportive, never laughed at my horrible messes, and could tell when I was getting overwhelmed with everything. She took her time to make sure we were completely happy with the end results. She was very respectful of our (small) budget, and made sure we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to with the amount I gave her. If you are looking for a little help with organization, decorating, rearranging, etc, I cannot recommend Julie enough! You won't be disappointed!"

"Julie was exceptional to work with in the most difficult area...getting organized after downsizing and multiple moves."

"Julie was wonderful. She hung a large grouping of art in my bathroom and made it all tie together beautifully. I look forward to using her again to beautify more spaces in our home."

"Julie has a great company! She is professional, friendly, & very helpful. Would definitely recommend!"

"Julie was amazing. She truly transformed our cluttered, disorganized space in just a few hours. I'm going to hire her again to do even more."